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Books by Tom Greening

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Instant Relief: The Encyclopedia of Self-Help. New York: Seaview Books, 1979 (With Dick Hobson).
"First Aid" advice for dealing with 100 common problems of living.

Frank and Ernest Career Advice: How to Make Your Job Work for You
New York: Topper Books,1990.
Psychotherapeutic and self-help techniques applied to the workplace

Tolstoy's Lament. (Poems). St. Petersburg, Russia. 1993. (Poems in English, with Russian translations by Marina Kleimitz.)
Poems written about my five trips to Russia, Russian-American relations, and Russia's struggle.

Existential Humanistic Psychology. (Editor). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole, 1971.
Based on a lecture series I coordinated at UCLA. Contains chapters by James Bugental, Charlotte Buhler, Henri Peyer.

American Politics and Humanistic Psychology (Editor). Dallas: Saybrook Publishers, 1984 (Reprinted as Politics and Innocence by Norton in 1986).
Chapters about humanistic psychology's contributions to the political arena.

My poems have been published in The American Scholar, Awakening, Breakthrough, Detente, Fellowship, In Context, Inquiring Mind, Jazzbeat, The Lyric, The Nonviolent Activist, Orim–A Jewish Journal at Yale, sgraffito, Ten Directions, Voices, Journal of Couple's Therapy, Journal of Poetry Therapy, Somatics, other professional journals, books, and popular magazines.  Some have been translated into Russian, Chinese, and Nepalese.

Thomas Greening, Ph.D.
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Los Angeles, CA 90024
Phone 310-474-0064

e-mail:[email protected]


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